Construction of the KFE website

by Karma Wangdu on 5 November, 2015

The construction and regular update of an effective website is very important given:

  • the awareness worldwide of the Karmapa
  • the number of centres which are involved in teaching and practising Kagyu Buddhism
  • the mission of the KFE as laid down in its statutes

The development of the KFE website is a stand-alone project. There are four expected objectives :

  1. Support for the first ever visit of His Holiness the Karmapa to Europe
  2. Support for the Teachings of His Holiness
  3. Spiritual support for European citizens
  4. Sponsorship for education, health and other projects

These four will serve to fulfill the website’s purpose: “To become a major operational tool for the KFE and establish a regular and effective connection between HHK and Europe” which in its turn will contribute to a wider overall objective: “To support all those who have connections with and/or interest in the dharma to benefit all beings”.

The website hopes to attract and inform European citizens, members of European Kagyu Centres and other Tibetan or Buddhist Centres, as well as KFE focal points in Europe, including research centres, organisations, universities and the European academia. We hope also that  it will generate a broader worldwide interest.

The construction started in the beginning of 2012 and has been coordinated by the official representative of His Holiness in Europe, Ringu Tulku Rinpoche, the founder of the KFE.  There are also several volunteers involved.