Letter from His Holiness Gyalwang Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje

by Karmapa on 5 November, 2015

I wish to offer my sincere appreciation for the successful formation of the Karmapa Foundation in Europe. I look upon the Foundation as the organisation devoted to facilitating my religious, charitable, educational and allied activities within Europe. As such, it supports me in the fulfilment of my responsibilities as a spiritual leader to care for both the European dharma centres and the disciples, as well as in other activities and projects across Europe.

I hope that all our dharma centres in Europe can work together with the Karmapa Foundation to help it accomplish its dharma mission, and, thereby, successively promote not only the teachings of Lord Buddha but also peace and harmony in Europe and the world, through its actions and initiatives. It is essential that we work collectively to remove any obstacles that arise which might impede our religious and charitable aims and objectives.

I am grateful to all of the founding members and staff of the Karmapa Foundation for the work and thought they have put into the creation of this organisation, and I pray that all its efforts for the welfare and good of sentient beings may bear fruit.