by Ringu Tulku Rinpoche on 5 November, 2015
“Today is the 29th birthday of His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje. Let us all pray for the long life, good health and accomplishment of all his Buddha activities. May all the obstacles and hindrances for his life and activities be eliminated like the light dispels the darkness. May we all be able to contribute effectively in performing… Read More
by Karmapa on 5 November, 2015
I wish to offer my sincere appreciation for the successful formation of the Karmapa Foundation in Europe. I look upon the Foundation as the organisation devoted to facilitating my religious, charitable, educational and allied activities within Europe. As such, it supports me in the fulfilment of my responsibilities as a spiritual leader to care for both the European dharma centres… Read More
by Karmapa on 5 November, 2015
There are numerous students connected with the Karma Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism in many European countries.  There are also many people who have a direct connection with the Karmapa, and have been expressing the wish that I will come to Europe for the last twenty years or so. This has become a very important purpose in my life. Since… Read More
by Pierfranco Alloa on 5 November, 2015
It is with grave concern and some anxiety that I write this in the early 21st century, as we find ourselves unwilling witness to the erosion of fundamental human and ethical values. Even today we continue to be embroiled, not only in an unprecedented economic and financial crisis, but also in a virulent and alarming moral crisis. A foundation requested… Read More
by Karma Wangdu on 2 January, 2017
Natural disasters, war, political upheavals and the worsening environmental crisis made 2016 a difficult and disturbing year for many people. At the beginning of this new year of 2017, I think it is important to remember once more that we live in an interconnected world. This is based on common sense. If we examine our own lives carefully, we will… Read More