Interconnected. A new book by His Holiness the 17th Karmapa out now!

by Karma Wangdu on 16 May, 2017
INTERCONNECTED Embracing Life in Our Global Society

Interconnected: Embracing Life in Our Global Society identifies a major paradigm shift taking place in the world today– away from seeing ourselves as self-contained communities and independent individuals toward acknowledging that we are interconnected within a shared world. Although global economic integration and information technology are making our interdependence increasingly direct and undeniable, the world is hardly united in embracing this fact. Within this historical moment, the Karmapa argues that we must move not backward, but forward in this paradigm shift—not retreating behind walls but joining together in collective action to build a global society that acknowledges and draws on our fundamental connectedness.

In Interconnected, the Karmapa shows that the crucial next step is to move beyond theoretical understanding of our interconnectedness, to begin to actually feeling connected. The Karmapa urges us to move our understanding of interdependence from our head to our hearts and out to our hands. Our inherent capacity for empathy can be strengthened to serve as a sound natural basis on which to develop the personal and social values that are consistent with living as interdependent individuals: compassion, responsibility, equality and appreciation for diversity. From there Interconnected explains how such values can be applied on a personal, community and global scale.

This book reflects the Karmapa’s vision of a compassionate and caring society built through collective action rooted in the inner work that Buddhism is better known for addressing. As a spiritual leader with a deep commitment to action, the Karmapa does not merely call for change; he offers the essential guidance we need in order to bring about real change.

The book is structured in three parts—Seeing the Connection, Feeling the Connection and Living the Connection. Themes also explored in this book include the way electronic connectivity is transforming the way we relate, loneliness, consumer culture, animal protection and environmental sustainability.

Available online, in all good book stores and at the upcoming teachings events in the UK.

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