His Holiness the Karmapa returns to India after 3 weeks visit to Germany

by Ringu Tulku Rinpoche on 12 September, 2015

His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje has now completed his three week visit to Germany and returned to India by Indian Airlines on the evening of 12th September 2015. He was seen off at Frankfurt airport by Mr. Ngodup Dorji, Tibetan Representative for Central and Eastern Europe, Mr. Horst Rauprich, President, Karma Kagyu Community in Germany and Ven. Ringu Tulku, President, Karmapa Foundation Europe.

During this visit the Karmapa taught for four days in Bonn at the Maritim Hotel to about 2000 devotees coming from all over Europe and also from America, Asia and Australia. The teachings were also webcast and seen by many more thousands of people all over the world. The daily reports, photos and recorded teachings reached over 100,000 people online worldwide.

His Holiness visited various Dharma Centres such as Kamalashila, Halschied, Karma Tengye Ling and Bodhicharya Berlin and gave teachings and guidance on how to practice Dharma in every day life and how to be a better human being who is helpful and beneficial to society. He had a meeting with the Tibetan community from Germany and nearby countries. He met the people of Langenfield in their Church where he was received by the Bishop. He also visited a refugee camp and gave his encouragement and support.

For last 5 days the Karmapa had some free time when he could visit the countryside and enjoy the natural beauty of Germany. His Holiness hoped to visit other parts of Europe in next years and expressed his gratitude for the most warm welcome that the people and government of Germany extended to him.

You can catch up on all the daily reports of the 2015 teachings here.

The recorded teachings from the visit are also available here.

Thank you to everyone who took part and helped support these events.

Ringu Tulku
President, Karmapa Foundation Europe