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Generosity is the key

Each of us learnt about the Karmapa and his incomparable activity through the generosity of others. His Holiness plays a key role in keeping alive the transmission of the Buddhist teachings in its purest form, reserved for centuries in Tibet. Without the dedicated effort and financial support of those who felt inspired to share these teachings with others, the previous Karmapa would not have been able to travel to Europe.  It would have been extremely difficult for most of us to have contact with authentic Buddhist masters and avail of the teachings, and as well as this the teachings of Buddha could not have extended to their current vast audience.  Moreover, the 17th Karmapa is very  involved in projects that range from the preservation of the teachings and Tibetan culture to the preservation of the earth’s natural resources.  These projects require funds in order to continue.

This is where you come in

We would like you to join us in sharing these precious teachings with the world. The most important thing you can do is to bring these teachings into your life, but it is also very important to contribute financially so that others may benefit. The amount you donate is up to you. Even €10 a month will make a big difference, and you will have added your contribution to the stream of support we are receiving from around the globe.

How to Donate

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SEPA Bank Transfers:

Karmapa Foundation Europe

Triodos bank, Brussels

IBAN: BE72 5230 8127 0416


If you have questions, or would like to learn about other ways you can contribute, please contact the KFE Secretary-General, at the Karmapa Foundation Europe.

Thank you for your generosity!

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